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About me

I am a bilingual (English/Italian) science and tech journalist with a BSc in Psychology and an MA in International Journalism, both from City University in London.

I currently write articles for several publications, including Scientia, TechXplore,, MedicalXpress, Electronics Point, and the Amazon Alexa blog.

In the past, I published content on several other media sites, including Clique API, the Engineering and Technology (E&T) Magazine, the Institutions for Mechanical Engineers website, Research Features, Alphr, IT Pro, and CloudPro.

Throughout my career, I have covered a broad array of topics, ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and B2B tech to specific areas of physics, astrophysics, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, medicine, and environmental sciences.

Although I enjoy writing about pretty much anything, my main interests include AI, bio-inspired robotics, neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness meditation, yoga, innovative projects merging art and technology, astrophysics, nature, animals, and environmental sciences. I also find joy in creative writing and find most forms of art and human expression extremely fascinating.